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Beautiful Anatomical Skeletons, Posed and Photographed As Sculptures

Photographer Patrick Gries transforms ordinary specimens, stripped of fur and flesh, into art that showcases motion, predation and evolution

What happens when you unleash an acclaimed luxury goods photographer on hundreds of anatomical animal skeletons kept in museum collections

If that photographer is Patrick Gries and the skeletons are those of Paris’ Natural Museum of History, you’ll get a series of 300 stark photographs that transform staid, ordinary scientific specimens into biological art.

1.A golden eagle swoops for a rabbit     2. A Narwhal

3.An African elephant            4. A Horse and Human

5. A Brown Woolly Monkey           6. A Flying Lemur
7. A Cheetah                                8.A red fox and common vole
9.A Eurasian Sparrowhawk and a House Sparrow
10. A Rattlesnake

these are from a great book

(via cannabissativahollandica)